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Bistro Finesse, Munich - sport and matches

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Description :

Herzlich Willkommen im Clubrestaurant des TC Blutenburg. Der Name Bistro Finesse ist zugleich Programm. In der Küche schwingt unser Pächter Daniel Roch höchstpersönlich den Kochlöffel und bereitet alle Speisen frisch und mit „Finesse“ zu.

Reservation :

Opening Hours :

Mo-So: 11h-22h

Happy Hours :

Number of Screens :


Additional Facalities:

  • HD TV - available
  • 3D TV - not available
  • Projector - available
  • Outdoor screen - not available
  • Match screened with sound - available
  • Outdoor seats - not available
  • Animals allowed - available
  • Wifi available - available
  • Families welcome - available
  • Kicker - not available
  • Darts - not available
  • Pool - not available
  • Kegeln / Bowling - not available

Ausgeschenkte Biere

Augustiner, Erdinger

Favorite teams:

FC Bayern

Favorite sport:


Type of location:


Type of food served:


Average price of meal:

Standard (10-15 Eur)

Number of seats:


Main type of visitors:


Photos :

  • Bistro Finesse-profile_picture
  • Bistro Finesse-picture
  • Bistro Finesse-picture
  • Bistro Finesse-picture


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